Whats that in your mouth?

by Fort Worth

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Recorded At OG7 studios in Tucson AZ
engineer Nando Rivas
June 2010
Its our sophomore attempt...you will like it. cause it rocks.


released July 1, 2010

Fort Worth is
Greg Wheaton/vocals,baritone guitar
Matt Hamblin/backups,guitar
Justin Bernard/guitar
Danny Scalzo/backups,bass
Dave Williams/drums

Thanks to Sunny Jo Wheaton for all the art and work you did to make this thing happen.



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Fort Worth Tucson, Arizona

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Track Name: Whats that in your mouth?
Whats that in your mouth my friend, come over here, oh yeah thats what i though. its always never your fault, and it somehow seems like my fault. You scared us all one night, you scared us all. then it bored us other times, it bored us all. It must have been a special occasion. Whats that in your mouth again. I bet I know. god damn thats what i thought. Well i give up all the fault. lets lock this day in a vault.
Track Name: Cell phones and cheese graters
damn cell phone ring, lit up on a nice night, i gotta say you gotta cheese grater voice. acting like i meant to hurt, screaming like i meant to hurt. bitch i dont work for you anymore, and its hot inside the sun. i could put you there. Yeah! What! nowaday when that thing goes off i clench my teeth, and take it like it just might explode, acting like i meant to hurt, screaming like i meant to hurt.
Track Name: faults and fixes
Years gone, and have we got to show, wasted time, i dont know.